Psycho Nation




It’s Brotherhood…


What is given but cannot be bought

Fools may seek it, but in vain it’s sought

Some can’t give it, because they don’t have the heart

It’s Brotherhood so know your part


The love for this symbol we all share

We proudly show because we dare

It’s the colors on our backs we wear

Its Brotherhood so please beware


The rules are strict and a little tough

But we all got through it when times were ruff

In our hearts some will find that light

Just remember Brotherhood shines bright


If ever called upon and a hand is needed

You better be the first to rise

And the last to be seated

You come because you care

Our Brother’s burden we take on and share


Look at you! You’ve got your patch

Just be careful because that shit can be snatched 

In this cut we watch each other’s back

For the real Brothers they know the facts


When all is said and done

The only way to gain Brothers

Is just by merely being one


When asked years down the road

We will see who remembers this code

Remember without Brothers, you’re only a man

For the rest of us we all stand; Together.


Always Show Respect, Loyalty, Honor, and Love



This is Brotherhood…!

Blackbird Crew